How the WEAR sleeve is made (Part 1)

We have finally released a "WEAR sleeve " that allows you to hang your plastic cups around your neck and carry them around.

It's been more than two years since I started thinking about it, and more than a year and a half since the POP-UP at the drifter's stand where I exhibited the prototype... It wasn't that we postponed commercialization, nor that we postponed the release because there were no events due to the corona crisis, but it really took this long.

I know it's unsophisticated to write about how hard it was, but I'm going to try to write a "hardship story" about that.

For Ponsa's items, Mr. Real (husband: overall direction, photography, graphics) suggests an idea, "How about this?", and I (wife: pattern, production) It is made in a way of shaping.

However, this "WEAR sleeve" was created when Mr. Takemichi of drifter's stand said, "Please make a plastic cup that can be used at beer festivals!" is starting (probably around March 2020).

I can't come up with many new ideas, so I was wondering if it would be possible to simply match the shape of " WEAR coozie " to the slanted cup.

(Like this)

But I just can't come up with a pattern.

Just when I was wondering what to do, I received a request from a senior at the workplace before Mr. Real, saying, "I want a protein shaker for the gym that can be carried around."

When I was thinking of simply making it like a bag to match a shaker, Mr. Real said, "You don't need a bottom, right?"

why? Isn't it dangerous if there is no bottom? No, it's slanted, so it can't come off. Hmm, what do you think?

After repeated conversations, here is what was completed (this is the end of July 2020).

(Attached to the side is a pouch I made because I was asked to add a card case.)

Oh, I can do this.

yeah? The fact that it doesn't have a bottom means that it's a sleeve that you put on so you can hold something hot at Starbucks? Shouldn't we just put a strap on it?


So, the concept of "WEAR sleeve" was completed.

About a month later, in early September 2020, when I was allowed to do a POP-UP STORE at drifter's stand, here is what I exhibited as a prototype.

(The one in the bottom left corner. For some reason, neither of them took a proper picture at this time.)

At that time, I couldn't adjust the size yet, and I was convinced that a simple structure would be good. It can't be helped..." I feel like I was talking to the customer somehow (if there's a hole, I'd like to go in).

However, during the POP-UP period, you can see some cups used at beer festivals, and you realize that this is bad.

The size and the angle of inclination are completely different.

Why isn't there a uniform standard?

In other words, the lack of prior research was exposed. I had a naive idea that I could give some versatility to this design, but the plastic cups were too diverse.

We came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to commercialize the product unless we could adjust the size, so we had to start over from collecting various plastic cups and sleeves.

From here begins a year and a half of hardships.

My husband and I continued to fight, saying, "This is fine, no, this is what's going to happen, so it's no good."

I'm looking forward to being able to move forward even at times like that! I want it fast! It was because I received such a warm response during the POP-UP (it sounds like some sort of victory interview, but this is really true).

I remembered the expectations of the people I talked to at that time, and somehow managed to survive the days when I was about to give up.

(This post by Mr. Drif was also encouraging. Many thanks.)

Well, this is the real start, but it's getting long, so I'll continue in the second half.


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