pon-sa blog started

Good evening everyone.

This is Ishikawa from pon-sa walking gear.

pon-sa walking gear (hereinafter referred to as pon-sa) is a garage brand of a husband and wife who handcraft each and every 'walking gear' that makes walking and traveling fun, not to mention the city, with the motto "Walking is more fun".

This time, I decided to start a blog for the renewal of the EC site.

I'm not a brush pea, so I feel like I'm updating it irregularly, but I'd be happy if you could take a peek once in a while.

When it comes to blogs, many people probably read "Ikejiri Hiking Club", a group of friends and podcast program "Ikejiri and Kanchu" . It seems that there are many readers who have become accustomed to the unique point of view and phrases in a style that does not flatter the people of “Ikehaitashiro”.

I started mountaineering under the influence of Tashiro Ikehai, and while searching for UL gear introduced by Tashiro, I came across various wonderful blogs, read as many people as I can, and learned the joy of UL hiking. Influenced, MYOG…I still reread my favorite blogs.

I'm not good at the web, and I don't think I have any literary talent at all, so I'm still thinking about writing a blog. Like many wonderful blogs I read at the time, writing about my travels, my travels, and the enjoyment of walking might be read as a “dazzling idea of ​​life” from among the plankton in the enormous ocean. ...I'm thinking a little.

From now on, I would like to welcome you to the pon-sa blog.

See you soon.