About the collaboration item W/&W s/s tee with Kenji Fujii

Hello, it's real.

Collaboration T-shirts with artist Kenji Fujii " W&W s/s tee " will be on sale on Friday, September 9th.

Ponsa previously released a long T-shirt called "ASLTH L/S TEE" in original .ver and Drift limited .ver, and it will be the first T-shirt item in a long time since then.

"ASLTH" is an item that we designed ourselves and hand-printed ourselves, but this time we asked Mr. Fujii to write it down and we asked the factory to print it because we can't do it ourselves. bottom.

This time we will talk about the production of such a collaboration item.

Besides Ponsa, I am a freelance designer whose main focus is on graphics, and I am grateful to be able to do some T-shirt designs, but for some reason it takes a long time to complete the print design for Ponsa. It took... (Actually, there are about 5 proposals in the middle of the design)

Meanwhile, when I was thinking that I would like to put out at least one printed T-shirt a year (I was told to put it out quickly), I saw my friend Fujii's Instagram and told me, ``I know it's impossible, but let's ask as much as I can.'' After that, I was able to accept it with two replies. Thank you very much.

Fujii-san, or rather, I always call him Rai-kun, so I'll call him Rai-kun.

I met Rai-kun at a café where I worked several years ago. He loves whiskey and has great knowledge. So we learned about whiskey and heard about Canada, one of our bases of activity, but at that time it felt like we didn't dare to mention each other's works and work.

We had such a relationship of "let's drink once in a while when the timing is right", but it was only this year that I found out that Rai-kun started Instagram, and when I checked his posts, I was so excited to see this work ( Seiko Matsuda) I'm kid.

I'm almost ignorant about calligraphy, and I didn't have a favorite work of calligraphy, but when I do it, I do it. Bibibi.

Handwritten works have many elements that can never be done digitally. Moreover, Rai-kun's work has a unique sense of volume, or rather, a pause. I'm sorry, I have no vocabulary. It would be helpful if you could interpret it well.

While I was thinking about what I should ask Rai to actually write, this time I wanted to use words instead of messages, so I chose "WALK" and "WORK".

"WALK" is like Pongsa. So what is the "WORK" on the back print? I think it's a feeling, but I chose it because it simply sounds similar to WALK, and it makes sense when paired or printed on the back.

"Work" by Rihanna feat. Drake, right? I'm sorry for those who thought! wrong. It's my favorite song though. The WORK of this song is that. It doesn't matter if it's solo.

I decided on a keyword, and asked Rai-kun to do it, and the calligraphy that arrived was really good. It was "diagonally above expectations (level E)" in a good way.

So don't waste the work you wrote! I went into adjustment with that feeling. We repeatedly selected the body to use, fine-tuned the submitted data so as not to impair the texture, adjusted the print density, and created samples several times. We were finally able to start mass production.

I made a good item! Masterpiece! Rai-kun and I are the best! And it's a storm of self-praise. (I think about it every time I announce a new work.)

I chose United Athle's "5942-01" for the body because it doesn't fluff easily.

Such a special collaboration item Kenji Fujii × pon-sa "W/&W s/s tee". I would be happy if you all enjoyed it.

Lastly, Rai-kun, thank you very much for willingly accepting various unreasonable requests this time!

Mr. Fujii's exhibition will be held in October, so if you are interested, please come and visit. I would love to see your live work!

-Exhibition Information-
October 18-29, 2022 12:00-19:00
(Until 17:00 on the last day) 24th: Closed
Former Yokohama Mitsui Bussan Building 1F, 14 Nihonodori, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0021
TEL 045-664-3917

Also, thank you Mori-san for being the model this time!
Mr. Mori is a designer of shops and houses, and I met him through my wife's work. . (The image cut of the back print was taken at the actual site) Thank you very much.

See you soon.