How the WEAR sleeve is made (Part 2)

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Can be carried by hanging a plastic cup from the neck This is the second part untilthe WEAR sleeve is made. In the first part , I wrote from the beginning of the concept around March 2020 to the point where I was forced to change the form in September of the same year.

I wrote that it was difficult from here, but it wasn't that difficult to make the size changeable, and the shape was easily decided.

(The top is a normal sleeve, and the bottom is a prototype of the pattern made by tracing)

It's good to adjust the size with Velcro, but I'm afraid that the hard tape will stick to my clothes and the sleeve will come off when I use it. to put on.

The buckle is small and very difficult to put on and take off, but on the contrary, it is hard to come off, so I adopted this.

Anyway, it's top priority that it's hard to spill.

Yes, the bigger problem than the size is that it will spill out no matter what . about it. I knew this from the beginning, and the biggest challenge was figuring out how to avoid spills as much as possible.

First, the lid is essential anyway, so the journey to find the lid begins. This was probably going to take a long time.

From overseas sites to Amazon and 100- yen stores, I kept searching for hours and days, and this is it! If you get what you thought, you can't do it at all. Repeated disappointment. There are a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and it is extremely straying.

Silicone lids for children's cups, lids for mugs, reusable plastic wrap, lids for tapioca cups, lids for cookers, lids for 100-yen glass containers , Tupperware lids ... (already Some of them I threw away, so this is only a part).

I was also considering a lid that could just be placed on top, so the specification of holding it with rubber was completed around this time.

I kept looking for a lid like this , and I was almost suffering from pharyngeal neuropathy. It's been over a year...

It's a lid that you often see once you've decided on it, but since it has a rim around it, even slightly larger cups can be caught. And the excellent thing that you can drink without removing the lid (not all cups can be applied).

(Silicone rings are either translucent or black depending on the lot)

Also, I like the fact that the mouth is slanted, and when the drink accumulates, it feels like you're drinking from a plastic cup.

Although I was released from lid hell in this way, there was another problem that I had somehow overlooked from the beginning.

If you move or your drink runs low, the cup will tip over.

(This is what happens...)

In March 2022, I was preparing for the TAKE OUT series order POP UP at Drifter's stand, and I was thinking that if I couldn't sell it in advance, I'd give up, so this is enough ! To be honest, I thought about it, but we had an extremely frivolous discussion that it would not be possible to sell it in a problematic state, and trial and error continued.

As a result, it was the day before POP UP that I managed to stabilize it and got the OK . It was quite a small amount, but I managed to make a pre-sale.

(The sample was torn after trying too many things. The way it was repaired expresses how I felt at that time.)

We made some improvements from here, and on May 5th , we were finally able to start selling it at the online shop. Good for you ...


In addition toTyvek brown , Ponsa's standard Tyvek silver, and DCF white , which has a P mark ( Eco-stamp made for Tyvek Paper Bag in the early days of Ponsa . I really like it) with the image of a paper sleeve .


Of course, the DCF doesn't have the original function of a sleeve (it doesn't get hot when you hold a hot object), but I wanted to make it anyway, so I added it for self-satisfaction.

Craft beer comes in a variety of colors, so it would be nice if the colors could be seen through. I draw illustrations on the cups of beer festivals and shops, so it would be nice if I could enjoy them through them (don't you think so?).

(At the Chigasaki Hikers Meeting the day after the product was released, the sticker on the cup was perfectly transparent! I was so happy.)

I will write about it many times, but I wanted you to use it so that it would not spill as much as possible, so I made it a package with instructions on how to apply it.

(Please reuse the silver bag as a carry-on bag or as a garbage bag.)

It took a lot of time to release it like this, but it has become an item that I am attached to. I would be happy if you could use it for daily walks, festivals, events, etc.

see you.